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Apartment Furniture

If your move is because:

  • You are on a temporary work assignment,
  • You are waiting for a home to be built,
  • You need housing to fill the gap between closing on the sale of one house and the purchase of a new home,
  • You are permanently transferring but need time to become oriented to neighborhoods, schools, etc. before making a permanent housing choice,
  • You have an insurance loss from fire or water damage to your houses and you need a place to stay until your house is repaired,
  • You need time to save for the purchase of furniture...


...then you may not have any furniture to move into your new apartment home and have two alternatives.  One, you can purchase furniture for your apartment and then worry about selling it, donating  it to a charity or paying to move it to subsequent housing.  Two, you can rent furniture for your stay and then simply return it with no other obligation at the end of your lease.


Apartment Connection can help with this too.  We can deliver furniture to your new apartment home, with or without housewares.  It can be delivered to any apartment community, often with only one day of advance notice. Comprehensive high quality furniture packages are available for surprisingly low prices.  For those on a tighter budget, we also have a Manager's Special package that has all the same pieces but at a lower price. We will have your furniture and/or housewares delivered to your apartment home and then invoice you once per month for it.  You simply provide a credit card authorization that allows us to charge the cost to your credit card each month.   


Our standard package can be transformed into a customized furniture package to fit your needs.  For example, you can substitute a sofa bed for a sofa in the living room, or you can have a bedroom set up as an office with a desk, chair, lamp, file cabinet, etc.  Customized furniture packages will either increase or decrease our standard package pricing but we are pleased to provide what you want...not what we want.  "Have It Your Way" is our customer service motto.


For details on furniture leasing, just let us know you want additional information. 

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